One of the TECHFA Company's specialty is in sugar industries.

In this regard the TECHFA Company by relying upon Iranian & German companies, being a representative of reputable European countries, association with reputable Iranian companies involves in the following specialized activities:

1-     Providing technical know-how & technology for sugar beet, sugarcane & sugar refinement industries

2-     Providing technical know-how for by products industries (alcohol, pulp, citric acid and etc)

3-     Providing machineries and consultations from reputable Iranian & European countries

4-     Providing consultations and second hand machineries from west European factories in good conditions

5-     Cooperation & consulting in providing solutions for factories problems

6-     Cooperation in optimizing production line, factory's energy & water consumption

Two main advantages of the TECHFA Company include having an office in Germany and close relations with above companies as follows:

A)     Providing second hand machineries in good conditions

This company has provided scores of second hand machineries for sugar industries throughout the world during years of its activity. Considering the policy of this company on visiting second hand machinery before purchase and technical control performed on them (which often the main manufacturing company is invited to comment) the purchased machinery are ensured to have correct performance. Also some types of equipments (such as Pet Press, Wet Pulp Press & etc) undergo fundamental repairs by the manufacturing company after purchase. Therefore no customer of ours has faced troubles with these machineries after installation and operation.

B)      Supplying technical expert & technology with lower price

The relations of this company with European machine manufacturing companies and association with retired managers & experts of reputable companies whom are now consultant to European sugar industries provide the opportunity for this company to supply and dispatch experts and know-how for sugar industries. Many problems in sugar industries have been solved by dispatching & utilizing the mentioned experts.

Currently a comprehensive list of second hand machineries and equipments in European sugar industries has been prepared by this company. In its relatively short term of activity, 10 years, this company has supplied equipments for Iran's sugar factories & several of Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Malaysia, Chile, South Africa, Egypt, Bolivia & Russia.

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